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After a dozen of years spent in the farming industry, I went to discover life in the United States. However, I decided to undertake a new training in organic farming, and carried on in commercial management unit in order to work as a manager in Organic stores.

Since almost thirty years now, readings, work experience, as well as encounters I have done gave me the chance to have a better understanding of myself as much from the release of certain programming than with the welcoming of potentiality that lives in me.

Even drawing and art passionate me since my early childhood, It is while on a journey in the Amazonian forest that Life, as well as Nature reminded me why I was there.

One of my first sculptures, about fifteen years ago, with already the obsession of the Heart… It was called : « The Heart on the head ».

A pastel inspired from a bronze of Rodin « Kidnapping »

Shattered on my way home, I started to create again and it is by the Clay work, and from the mud that inspiration came to me. Very quickly, I realized that my technique was restricting my creativity. Life once again, gave an answer to my expectations when allowing me to prepare a decoration degree in ceramics  and  now I  want to consecrate my life for creativity. 

My quest today is to express the best of myself, to be « Who I am » the closest to my inbeing. It is also to express through my work all the Beauty of Nature:        

The contrast of its colors, of its materials as well as its associations… The feeling of Sacred, of Harmony and Peace.. The run-up of life, the opening of Heart and of Love..

The one sublimating the other..

 occasional Us Exhibitions

Markets    Art and fire show of  Martres Tolosan October 2017 :

Christmas Market in the Collioure s Castle,

Argilla Aubagne 2017

Potter markets : Uzes,  Salleles d Aude, Maury, Prades, Saillagouses Banyuls sur mer, Ceret , Marseille, Millau, Marseillan, Castelnaudary, Narbonne Castrie

June 24/25 th  2014       End of year exhibition at the Aubagne Ceramics School   


August 23 th 2014   Pottter market at le Beaussset  83


August 24 th 2014   Festivals vineyard La Cadière D Azur  83




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